Test your beach to see the PEM effect before you buy

In collaboration with some of the best American Universities and top professors, we have designed a test (Pilot Study) that will show the effect of PEM on your specific beach before you make a decision to have a full PEM installation.

The test is designed to provide a precise picture of the groundwater flow through your beach. We compare the beach ability to drain with and without PEM installed. The study can be carried out over a few weeks and will show if the beach drains more effectively with PEMs installed. By expanding the study we may also obtain data that can be used to optimize the full scale installation and data that makes it faster and less expensive to obtain a permit for the full PEM installation.

How do you want to pay for sand?

As the only contractor in the USA EcoShore offers a wide selection of payment methods including performance-based contracts.

Now you can

  • Lease a PEM system at a fixed monthly fee
  • Buy a complete PEM installation or
  • Be creative. Design a payments structure that reflects results in 1, 2, or 5 years.

For all options, the process starts with 1-4 below 

1. Initial Evaluation
The site is evaluated and the client’s expectations are matched against the expected performance of the PEM system. To do the evaluation we need site-specific information. To see the information we are looking for click here.

Pilot Study

A Pilot Study is designed to show if the conditions are right prior to a full scale PEM installation.

2. Pilot Study
In some cases it is recommended to conduct a Pilot Study. This is a controlled experiment where the actual beach is evaluated closely over a period from a few weeks to a maximum of 3 months. The study is conducted by EcoShore and supervised by a University professor and/or the customer’s consultant.

3. Permit Application
The client’s consultant is responsible for completing the permit application. EcoShore will provide information as required. If a Pilot Study has been performed more data are available and a permit may be obtained faster.

4. Full Installation
EcoShore and selected local subcontractors will install the PEMs using an earth drill, water injection or similar light-weight equipment on tracks.
Access to the beach must be provided.
Surveyors will log the location of every PEM, using high precision GPS equipment.
Signage will be provided advising the public of the installation and how to respond if they see a PEM.
Equipment will be removed and the beach cleaned.
The entire installation will be invisible to the naked eye.


Lease Plan
PEMs are leased for a fixed period of 3-5 years.

EcoShore will replace any defect PEMs.

A computerized reporting system will be established for anyone to use for free in case a PEM becomes exposed.

EcoShore will ensure that exposed PEMs are re-positioned under the sand.

When the lease period is over the parties may enter into a new agreement.

If the client no longer wants to lease the PEM system, it is removed free of charge.


Buy a Complete PEM Installation
Some clients have expressed interest in having the cost of PEM as Capital Expenditure. To accommodate this we now open for purchase of a Complete and Operating PEM System designed for the specific beach.


Want to be REALLY creative?
We know the PEM system has the potential to change eroding beaches dramatically. You, on the other hand, may be more skeptical, which we fully understand. Therefore we are willing to work with you and your advisers to find REALLY creative solutions that take your concerns into account.
Provided your beach will pass our groundwater test (Pilot Study) we will let your price be almost entirely dependent on how successful the PEM system has performed. In other words: If you don’t get the results your costs are minimal. If your beach is doing better with PEM that it would have done without, you pay for the specific improvement. The conditions are site-specific and you can count on one thing – you can make a very good deal compared to traditional nourishment – and your risk is minimal.




The cost to lease or buy a PEM system depends on a number of factors such as the width and length of the beach, the specific characteristics of the beach, contract period, contract conditions, etc.

PEM is very price-competitive and typically costs less than half the price of traditional beach nourishment for a beach of 1 mile or more.