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The PEM system is a “soft technology” that retains sand and further attracts sand from the littoral drift resulting in a higher and wider beach. It can be used as stand-alone solution or in combination with beach nourishment.



Stand-alone solution

The PEM System

  • Has no pumps and uses no energy.
  • Supplements the beach with sand very similar to the original type of sand.
  • Will not result in down-drift erosion.
  • Will not create scarps/sand walls.
  • Has no adverse environmental effects as the vertical tubes are below the sand level on the beach. They do not present an obstacle to turtles or people.
  • Works even better during storms.
  • Is very cost-effective compared to other coastal protection and enhancement methods.



In combination with beach nourishment

  • Less sand is needed for re-nourishment as the sand stays.
  • Re-nourishment frequency can be reduced.
  • The beach can be made wider with a gentle slope.
  • Blocking of inlets, harbors, etc., from surplus sand will be minimized.