Ribersborg Beach, Sweden

PEM used on a constructed beach

Ribersborg is the most popular beach in Malmø, Swedens largest town facing Øresund at the south.

The beach was constructed years ago, and every year in spring it was necessary to go to sea to bring back the sand that had disappeared.

In October 2001 the PEM system was installed, and only a few months later the beach had widened by several yards.

Later the PEM system has been changed from a visible system to a submerged system, where the tubes are placed approx. a foot below the sand surface.

The tide is approx. 1 ft. and with few waves, and as such the beach is located in an environment that is not optimal for PEM, which favors lots of tide and waves. Still the PEM system has functioned well. See the Newscast from Swedish Television.