Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands

4 year University study from 2006 to 2010

Project headed by The Royal BAM Group (25,000 employees)

Main findings after 4 years:

  • On a historically eroding beach the average beach elevation increased 2 ft in the PEM area
  • PEM and control beaches gained sand during the study (no down-drift erosion)
  • Sediment on PEM beaches had fewer very fine particles and drained better
  • Increase in dune volume on PEM beaches
  • Steeper beach slope on PEM beaches, which results in a more robust beach
  • Lowered water table on PEM beaches
  • Rapid recovery after storm on PEM beaches compared to beach without PEM

A paper on the project with PEM (called Ecobeach) can be found here.

For a short summary of the project check here

Based on their experience from the above project BAM Group later presented an offer to the Danish Government for a 70 mile PEM project on the highly eroding Danish West coast.



Dutch PEM beach volume

Fig. 1. Beach volume in PEM area (Ecobeach) grew during the 4 year period compared to previous years