Who we are

EcoShore International is a US engineering company established in 2004, fully licensed and dedicated to next-generation sustainable solutions to the coastal community.

Our vision is a world where the impact of climate on our coastal communities is dealt with in a proactive and sustainable manner.

Our Mission is to protect coastal communities from beach erosion through creativity and innovation.

Our key values are Fairness, Ingenuity, Reliability, and Passion.

We are a private company and prioritize delivering a service that is to everyones long term benefit – the environment, the employees, and the society as a whole.

Why EcoShore?
Eroding beaches is a continuous problem and nearby sand sources are quickly drying out, thus we have to come up with smarter solutions. That’s where EcoShore comes in.

Our solutions have been presented at a number of technical conferences including ASBPA, H2O in California, and FSBPA in Florida. For the latest presentation at the FSBPA 2015 Technical Conference check here. For the latest paper from the international coastal ICCE 2018 conference in Baltimore, Maryland check here.

We offer several advanced coastal services including the environmentally friendly PEM technology – Pressure Equalizing Modules, a sustainable solution that has been applied successfully in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the USA to reduce beach erosion. PEM is backed by some of the worlds largest contractors and offers have been made for coastal erosion control projects up to 70 miles – the largest in the world.

On the following pages, you can read more about PEM and our next generation “PEM EcoBooster” that works even more effectively by promoting an intelligent valve system that integrates PEM’s de-watering capabilities more efficiently with greater beach resiliency to erosion, reduced maintenance costs etc.

The PEM technology can be acquired in ways unheard of in the coastal society.

You can ….

  • Lease the PEM system against a monthly fee
  • Buy a Complete PEM Installation or even
  • Design a payment structure that reflects your concerns.

Have you ever tried to pay for sand that washed away? Then you may be interested in our solution where the payment is linked to the amount of sand that PEM has benefited your beach in 1, 2, or 5 years.

Let us know how we can assist you.

Kenneth W. Christensen

PS: Do you need a simple 2-page handout that explains the PEM idea? Check here.