Teluk Chempedaq, Malaysia

Beach nourishment combined with PEM

The PEM System was used to drain a beach in Malaysia located in a pocket bay in combination with beach nourishment. The lifetime of traditional beach nourishment on the location had previously been 3-4 years. The beach was pre-drained with PEM and sand was added. Another set of PEMs were installed on the nourished beach. Following a packing and stabilization period of 3-4 months during which the beach reached an equilibrium profile, the beach has remained stable.

To see ICCE Paper from the Project click here.



 Pre-nourishment 2003 

 Teluk 2003




 Post nourishment and PEM 2007

 Teluk 2007 beskåret


teluk 2013

After 10 years with PEM the beach has a typical elevated back beach