Eco-friendly beach erosion control

The PEM System is an Eco-friendly beach erosion control technique, that has been used world-wide for more than a decade.

PEM may be used in combination with beach nourishment to retain sand, or as a stand-alone solution if enough sand is available in the beach eco system.

The PEM System…

  • Uses no power or other energy during operation
  • Has no known effect on flora or fauna or wildlife
  • Creates no scarps/sand walls
  • Causes no down-drift erosion
  • Adds sand to the beach that is similar to the original type of sand
  • Operates under the sand and is invisible to the beach visitors
  • Is robust. Independent modules require little maintenance
  • Makes no change to surfing conditions

PEM restores and enhances the beach’s ability to drain. More water will drain through the top layer of the beach causing extra sand grains to be deposited on the beach rather than pulled away by the waves. Sand will be transported by the wind further onto the beach and the dunes. Gradually the beach will grow.

The cost of using PEM is lower than traditional erosion control. Many more miles of beach can be protected for the same amount of money.


PEM EcoBooster - the new PEM generation

Having worked with PEM for many years you can't avoid being amazed how simple, yet effective the system is.

Still, it has been possible to make significant improvements to the traditional PEM system. PEM EcoBooster is the new generation of PEM that works even more effectively by promoting an intelligent valve system that integrates PEM’s de-watering capabilities more efficiently with greater beach resiliency to erosion. PEM EcoBooster has other benefits ensuring a firmer near-shore sea floor that reduce erosion and offer reduced maintenance costs. More to come soon on the patent-pending PEM EcoBooster



Fig. 1 Once a highly eroding beach. Now a growing beach with new dunes developing in front of the old dunes. What happened? Eight years before the photo was taken PEMs were installed in the beach.